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Purity, Hygiene & Quality assurance remain the core values of Vaagai, and will be the driving force for all future initiatives. The company aims to build brand loyalty on its journey from excellence to exemplary.


  • To create a healthy and a prosperous future for the generations to come.
  • To share our knowledge about cold pressed oil with people around the globe, for a better tomorrow.
  • To serve hygiene, purity & Quality oil for good health
  • To reduce the hospital visits and save time and Money.
  • To become consumer’s most trusted brand.


  • Deliver satisfaction, quality assurance and hygienic to our consumers using Traditional oil extraction process.
  • Offer a work environment that inspires trust and loyalty in people.
  • Engage in continuous efforts to explore new horizons in our business.


The modern method of oil extraction involves supplying a lot of heat. The oil seeds are first crushed, and the pulp is heated under pressure. As a result, almost all the oil is extracted. The downside is that the oil is heated to a temperature of 230-degree centigrade. Heating it to such a high temperature alters the properties of the oil molecules in unfavorable ways (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed at high temperatures which are carcinogenic ) and strips it off of its nutritional value.


They retain healthy anti-oxidants that are otherwise destroyed by heat. these anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals and prevent the growth of tumors.At low temperatures, the fatty acid bonds in the groundnut don’t get destroyed, keeping its heart-protecting abilities intact, along with vitamins and minerals.


Chekku oil is the oil which is manufactured by the traditional method by using the wooden chekku(also known as Marachekku in Tamil). The oil is not heated during the manufacturing process, hence it contains the original nutrition and flavours. The oil prepared by this process were the ones that gave strength, stamina and long life to our Ancestors.Pure cold-pressed oil is not refined. It is also rich in antioxidants, which boosts immunity.

What is Cold Pressed Oil?

It means, during the extraction process the temperature of nuts/seeds are maintained at the room temperature. Temperature can be maintained low only if traditional wooden churner (Mara Chekku) is used and extracted by a slow mechanical process. Since the oil is not headed, it retains the natural nutrients, flavor, Color and texture. Consuming this oil is good for our health and over all wellbeing. It is also called as Mara Chennu Ennai in Tamil Nadu.


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Nalam food productsTN24No. 1/277-5,Rajaji Nagar,5th Cross,Near Stadium, Krishnagiri – 635001.Contact No.: 8220161957


Sales showroom

Nalam Food Products A39/1 TNHB Colony,Bagalur Road,Bagalur Road,Hosur – 635 109Krishnagiri District,Tamil Nadu Toll free: 180 04254031


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Retail Electronic City Phase-1,For order Contact: 8088360343


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