One of the biggest refineries in South India.World class machineries like Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Thermax etc., aid in best refining. Production capacity of 250 TPD Crude oil storage tank capacity 5000 MT. Refined oil storage tank capacity 1000 MT. Warehouse of 20000 sq.ft. approximately. Technology for refining for edible oils including Sunflower, Groundnut, Rice Bran, Coconut and Super Plien.

The oil parameters are tested every hour and monitored continuously in our in-house quality control laboratory. GLC tests detect the smallest quantities (as low as 1%) of other oils in the product in the pre processing stage. Certified with ISO 9001:2008 for general quality and ISO 22000:2005 for food safety

Refined Oil Vaagai Cold Pressed Oil
Extracted at High temperature(440 F to 485 F) Extracted at low /room temperature(35 F to 45 F )
Metal Pressed Wood Pressed (Vaagai Tree Wood)
Chemically processed Non Chemically processed
High in harm fats Rich in Vitamins and Nutrition
Artificial color and AROMA Natural color and AROMA
Natural nutrition's are converted into bad fats due to high temperature and chemical Process Retains its nutritional value anitoxidants,magnesium ,copper,calcium,iron and vitamin E
Spoil human body system Care human body system