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Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Volleyballs. 29th Jul 2014. If you have ever seen indoor or beach volleyball being played, you are probably aware of the major differences between the sports. For example, one is played on the beach, while the other takes place in a gymnasium. In addition, indoor volleyball has a larger court with six players per side, while beach volleyball (at least the organized professional version) is played with only two players on each team.

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Moreover, a standard court in the indoor volleyball measures about 18m x 19m, while the one of beach volleyball is small which is about 16m x 8m. However, the outdoor volleyball court is quite small for the reason that it is harder to sprint across the sand as compared to the one of a hard court of the indoor volleyball. Attack Line

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Regardless if a volleyball is designed for indoor or outdoor use it should not be left outside or in any harsh environments. This may include sheds, garages, and car trunks. It’s best to store a volleyball in a clean, dry location at room temperature.

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People leave them in their car and don't deflate them between uses, so they tend to stretch and get bigger over time because hot air expands. Take care of the ball, and you can avoid some of that stretching. There is no reason you cant use an indoor ball for outdoor setting practice.

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Molded Indoor Volleyballs. A major difference between indoor volleyballs and outdoor volleyballs is indoor balls are “molded” together whereas outdoor balls are stitched together. Furthermore, indoor balls have panels that are glued to an inner lining. This causes indoor balls to have a smooth and consistent surface.

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Indoor volleyball systems, however, must usually be moved out of the way and stored when not in use. Indoor volleyball uprights are often made from lightweight materials such as: Carbon; Aluminum; DOM steel; Outdoor volleyball uprights are crafted to be weather-resistant, so they are made and painted with heavy-duty materials like: Tubular steel

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Indoor volleyballs are made of leather and are heavier than outdoor balls.Indoor volleyball is a game of power and the heavier balls move quicker and can be hit harder.Beach volleyballs are softer, lighter and a bit bigger than indoor balls.

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One of the most important is knowing how to inflate it. The professionals keep the psi of a ball at 0.3 to 0.325 for indoor balls and at 0.175 to 0.225 for beach, or outdoor, balls. This is a good guideline to keep your equipment at if you are in charge of its maintenance. There are a few ways you can inflate the ball.